Sunday School

Children and Youth Classes

2 year old- 3 year old

Stacey Schendel; Teacher

Mary Lynn Magee (Helper/Sub)

Children's Wing Room-138

Pre K- Kinder

Karen McMurtrey; Teacher

Children's Wing Room-139

1st grade - 3rd grade

Lisa Fleming; Teacher

Sue Underdown

Children's Wing Room- 140

4th grade- 6th grade

Suzanne Barnett; Teacher

Children's Wing Room 136

7th grade- 8th grade

James & Laura Duprie; Teacher

Back Wing- Youth Room

9th grade- 12th grade

James & Laura Duprie; Teachers

Back Wing- Youth Room

Young and Mature Adult Classes


Brett Bennett; Teacher

Back Wing- Across from Restrooms

Fellowship of Believers

Larry Barnett; Teacher

Rex Niemeyer (sub)

Fellowship Hall

Deaf Believers

Tim Knetl; Pastor

Fellowship Hall Classroom

Ruth & Naomi (Women Only)

Linda Dooley; Teacher

Carol Burns (sub)

Back Wing- Ruth Classroom

Noah Class ( 50 year old & up)

Elvis & Amy Whaley; Teachers

Back Wing- Noah Classroom