The Art of Marriage

The Art of Marriage is a Couples Study group that consists of 8 different studies that help develop and strengthen your relationship with your spouse. Each study lasts 6-7 weeks and meets on Sunday Evenings in the Youth Room at 6 pm. IF you are interested in joining us please call the church office 361-645-3126 or join our BAND App for Upcoming Events and Information.

Past Sessions

Sessions Include:

  • Session 1: The Basis of Teamwork

  • Session 2: Equal, Yet Different

  • Session 3: Following Christ's Example

  • Session 4: Biblical Responsibilities

  • Session 5: Biblical Responses

  • Session 6: Making Teamwork Work

Sessions Include:

  • Session 1: Giving Strength to the One You Love

  • Session 2: Unconditional Acceptance

  • Session 3: Putting the Past in Perspective

  • Session 4: Planting Positive Words

  • Session 5: Freedom to Fail

  • Session 6: Keeping Life Manageable

  • Session 7: Valuing Your Spouse