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Youth Ministry has several different opportunities for Youth to get involved. At FBC Goliad Youth represent young adults from 7th grade through 12th grade. Aside from Sunday School classes for youth we also provide Wednesday night Youth Group, Easter/Summer Camp, Summer Activities, and a Summer Mission Project.

Wednesday Night Activities

Evening Youth Group

Begins at 6:30 pm with a fellowship in meal. After the meal students play games and then retire to the Youth Room for youth centered Message about Christ.

Flour Bomb and Progressive Dinner

Usually held in early December the youth group travel to different houses for food and fellowship before ending up in a field where (instead of water balloons) they throw flour bombs (tissue paper filled with flour) at each other.

Fields of Faith/ See You At The Pole

Part of our Outreach Program is to minister to students from all denominations which is why we host several events in partnership with Goliad HS's Tigers for Christ.

Christmas Caroling

Summer Activities

Our summer service project in which we go out in our community and help to fix houses for those that aren't able to do so. Typically we are able to repair at least 2 houses or how ever much we can afford to do. Money is raised throughout the year and some of the materials are usually donated.


Darren Gruetzmacher- Crew Chief


Jay Fleming- Crew Chief


Mike Keezar- Crew Chief

2019- Work Break

2019- Preparing the trim

2019- Off with the old paint

2019-Largest GYM Group to-date

Project House

Painting the Trim

Sealing the Windows and Cracks

Enjoying snow cones

Youth Camp

Depending on the group and other activities our youth participate in 1 of 2 camps. An Easter Retreat at Alto Frio or a Summer Retreat at Camp Zephyr. Youth raise money throughout the year to help fund their trip.

Zephyr 2019 TEAL Team

Worship at Zephyr 2019

Rock Wall at Zephyr

Zephyr 2019

Playing in the mud at Zephyr

Rainy day Gaga Ball

Evening Worship at Alto Frio

Zip-lining at Zephyr

Other Summer Fun

Summer is filled with opportunities to have fun and fellowship with other believers. So, we provide activities such as bowling, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, cookouts, and anything else we can think of.

Slip 'N' Slide

Gaga Ball

Six Flags Fiesta Texas