GYM Project

GYM Project 2024

June 5-8

G.Y.M. Project Typical Schedule


5:00 PM Check in/get settled

5:30 PM Dinner

6:30 PM Mission Planning

7:45 PM Group Picture

8:00 PM Rec Time

9:30 PM Snack Time/Free Time

10:30 PM Youth prepare for bed

11:00 PM Lights out


6:00 AM Wake up and get ready

6:30 AM Breakfast

7:15 AM Group Round-up

7:30 AM On-site

11:00 AM Lunch/Spiritual Talk

NOON Resume service work

3:00 PM Return from site

5:30 PM Dinner

7:00 PM Worship & message

8:00 PM Activities

9:30 PM Snack Time/Free Time

10:00 PM Youth prepare for bed

10:30 PM Lights out

*SATURDAY evening only

5:00 PM Dinner

6:00 PM Project Celebration

7:00 PM Good Bye


We are excited about Goliad Youth on Mission (G.Y.M.) for the summer! It is going to be a rewarding experience of service, worship, and growing! This event will consist of home improvement projects such as building porches, painting, and new construction among other things. The students will also enjoy evening worship, messages, and activities. 

G.Y.M. is an intense three-day experience that will challenge your youth with hard work and a lot of sweat as well as bless them with a unique experience of teamwork and ministering to those in need.

What do students need to bring to camp?

*We will be lodging at the First Baptist Church with access to restrooms and showers. We will have shower access at the GHS Event Center during the project.

*Dress while at the facility should meet the highest Christian standards. Youth with clothing that is too revealing, inappropriate messages, or draws unnecessary attention will be asked to change into appropriate clothing.

*You will need to bring toiletries, towels, bedding (sleeping bags/inflatable mattresses, clothes (extra clothes for Rec that they can get sweaty or dirty in).

*For home improvement project sites, you will need: sturdy clothes, closed-toe shoes/boots, and shirts with sleeves. Please NO Sleeveless shirts/dresses, spaghetti straps, midriff shirts.

*Bring your Bible and a notebook with pencils/pens.

*We will collect cell phones at the site and at bedtime and monitor the student’s use of the devices to ensure proper use and limited distractions during events and the schedule in general.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.


Tim Knetl 

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